Supply Chain Transportation & Lead Logistics Management


Eastern Door provides comprehensive logistics resources for any portion of your business requirements.

We manage and direct all aspects of your Asset-Based Transportation and Third Party Logistics, including vendor management, to achieve your desired outcomes.

Eastern Door utilizes only competent suppliers, who can provide reliable, consistent services.

As an indigenous-owned business, we seek to develop, foster and maintain partnerships with competent indigenous and diverse vendors. It is our job to integrate diverse suppliers into your current supply chain. Eastern Door works with you to ensure that your enterprise reaches your goals for SME, CCV, Indigenous and Diverse spending.


Vendor services include:




Air Freight: Parcel & Bulk

Logistics Assay: Current State

Assembly & Kitting

Intermodal & Rail

Logistics Assay: Future State

Asset Recovery

Ocean: Container & Bulk

On Site Supervision


Trucking: FTL, LTL, Parcel

Project Management

Inventory Management


Project Planning

Repairs & Disposal

Customs Brokerage

Quality Assurance

Reverse Logistics

Customs Compliance

Quality Control



Eastern Door Logistics: Lead Logistics Provider Characteristics



  • Eastern Door works with your team to design your comprehensive supply chain, define the relations between each supplier and define the method of conducting transactions within the entire system
  • Quality Assurance (“QA”) is at the heart of our lead logistics model. To adapt to the ever changing needs of your business model, Eastern Door provides on-going change process employing an internal corrective audit process to review, dissect, re-model and re-deploy our resources for optimal deployment
  • Our perpetual Quality Assurance program is crucial to an effective new client implementation and our risk management strategy. In addition to a detailed transition plan, the execution of the Eastern Door QA program will mitigate potential issues that may arise. The on-going QA evaluation will identify and correct disruptive issues so they are not allowed to re-occur.